Vodafone Egypt Foundation launches e-learning platform “Ta3limy” in collaboration with “Nahdet Misr” and “Al Adwaa”
On March 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

Platform helps students maintain their learning progress in support of government endeavors to create digital content and grant free access to educational resource to students nationwide

  • Mohamed Henna, Vodafone Egypt Foundation Chairman: The project reflects the importance of mobile technology and digital transformation to support the government efforts to promote e-learning 
  • The platform is for free and aims at bringing the educational system to everyone at home, especially now and after the suspension of schools 
  • Dalia Ibrahim, Nahdet Misr CEO: We take pride in being part of this partnership through which we provide educational resources that complement what the Ministry of Education offers to our students

Vodafone Egypt Foundation announced collaboration with Nahdet Misr, one of the country’s oldest and leading publishing entities specialized in educational resources especially digital ones and the owner of the educational books’ series Al Adwaa. The collaboration is aimed at supporting the students nationwide to continue their learning path, after the suspension of schools as a precautionary action to curb the spread of novel virus Covid-19. 

Through this partnership Vodafone Egypt Foundation launches the online educational platform “Ta3limy”, where Nahdet Misr provides digital educational resources and content through its popular educational series “Al Adwaa”.  Access to “Ta3limy” and browsing the platform is “free” for users who can enjoy the platform’s dynamic content that includes explanatory videos featuring specialized teachers in addition to using a variety of assessment tools, interactive questions and direct communication tools with teachers. Furthermore, as “Ta3limy” aims to support students to complete their educational path, it aims at aiding and supporting parents to monitor and evaluate their children’s performance.

“We are proud to have signed this partnership with Nahdet Misr which is one of the most strategic partnerships at the present time where we realize the importance of our work. This is evident in supporting the Egyptian government’s endeavors in light of the current crisis. Vodafone is committed to the Egyptian market and we pledge to provide the latest technology solutions to serve the educational system with all its phases” stated the Chairman of Vodafone Egypt Foundation, Eng. Mohamed Henna. 

On her part, CEO of Nahdet Misr, Ms. Dalia Ibrahim, stated that “Vodafone Egypt is a valuable partner to Nahdet Misr in many of community development initiatives, and today our collaboration comes in a crucial time for the educational system in Egypt and the Egyptian students and family, which stresses the need for such platforms that aid and support the government to maintain its system”. She further noted that Nahdet Misr has started this wave of digitally transforming the educational resources over 2 decades ago, hence the step of realizing these efforts on ground now, are happening at a smoother pace.  She further highlighted that “Ta3limy” offers complementary educational resources to those provided by the Ministry of Education, especially on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB), which is one of the most important and largest electronic educational platforms in the world.

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