Under the Auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity Nahdet Misr and Nidaa Association Launch “Together” Program to Educate and Support Children with Hearing Impairment
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Cairo- 2020 June


Under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Nahdet Misr Publishing House joins forces with Nidaa Association (specialized in supporting children with hearing impairment and multiple disabilities) to launch an online educational program under the name of “Together”. The program aims to help and support children with hearing impairment to continue their education and learning process, under the supervision of their families, during the lockdown period caused by COVID-19.

The online program provides both children and their parents with educational content that includes a series of videos covering various topics such as: auditory qualifications, reading skills, storytelling and grammar, math and art activities in addition to family counseling programs. The program, which will be activated on YouTube, social media platforms, and through Zoom, will also enable parents of having a free registration for their kids in IQ tests and academic evaluation. Moreover, professional teachers will continuously follow up with parents to review their children’s response and engagement with the offered activities and see whether they need further advanced and specialized programs or not.

On this announcement, Dalia Ibrahim, CEO of Nahdat Misr Publishing House, expressed her pleasure of this collaboration with “Nidaa” Association, stressing on the fact that the association has a significant role in supporting children with special needs and hearing impairment, highlighting that this program comes within the framework of Nahdet Misr’s mission in supporting community development projects, especially those in the field of education, as it is the main pillar in developing a capable and productive society.

“We believe that it’s important for education to reach all segments and individuals in our community, we therefore felt duty-bound to take an immediate step to support the hearing-impaired children and their families, as their stay at home may negatively affect their education and development process. “Together” program offers guidance to parents on how to use distance learning to continue their children’s education, and also to follow-up on their development with the help of professional teachers” added Ibrahim.

Further commenting on the initiative, Magda Fahmy, CEO of Nidaa Association, explained: “We had to come up with alternative solutions to keep our children with hearing impairment on track with their educational and learning process while staying at home. That’s why we partnered with Nahdet Misr to withstand these harsh times and create an opportunity for those children to get the education they need for their development.” She added that “The mother always plays a key role in enhancing the response of the child with disabilities to educational material and in further developing his/her ability to communicate. Based on this, we created this online family-based program to help as many parents as possible to enhance their children’s different learning skills.”

“Together” will extend throughout the month of June, where Nidas staff will be constantly answering all the different inquiries of the children’s parents.


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