The National Book Program (USAID)
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In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the US Agency for International Development, Nahdet Misr Group played a pivotal role in the execution of the National Book Program in Egypt (2005-2008).

  • The Academy for Educational Development (AED) announced a tender for Egyptian publishers to enrich the public primary school libraries with books under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Education
  • Nahdet Misr Group was chosen to be the leader of a consortium comprising 33 Egyptian companies in the first and second phases of the program, all specializing in different fields including publishers, printing houses, furniture manufacturers and freight companies
  • Nahdet Misr Group was responsible for printing, producing and delivering approximately 20 million books
    21,000 libraries, 13 million students and 15,000 primary schools in 27 governorates across Egypt benefited from this project
  • In Phase 3, which was dedicated to the preparatory and secondary stages, Nahdet Misr Group provided 96 titles with an estimate of 900,000 books to all local schools across Egypt

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