The Minister of Immigration: Nahdet Misr Publishing House announces that it will bear the cost of the development of the first phase of “Speak Egyptian” initiative Nahdet Misr’s CEO: Serving our beloved country; we will develop “Speak Egyptian” platform to be used by the Egyptian government Ambassador Nabila Makram: By incurring the first-phase related costs of the initiative; “Nahdet Misr” is a real idol in promoting the public interest
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Nabila Makram, the Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Affairs held a meeting with Dalia Ibrahim Nahdet Misr’s CEO to discuss the latest updates of “Speak Egyptian” initiative launched by the Ministry in cooperation with Nahdet Misr. The initiative aims at helping young generations, especially children, living abroad to learn Arabic, and to get them familiar with their culture and traditions; hence preserving their identity through the production of an electronic interactive content application.

During the meeting Nahdet Misr announced that the company will incur the cost of the development of the first phase of “Speak Egyptian” initiative. The first phase, which targets children from 3 to 6 years old, includes the development of simplified educational content that teaches children how to read and write Arabic. Content will be tailored to suit this age group, and will be presented in different interactive formats including stories, videos and songs. Such interactive content will be designed to be engaging for children and their parents. Worth mentioning that the content will be developed by Nahdet Misr Publishing House, while Nahdet Misr Digital Solutions will undertake all the programming and software development of the application.

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs expressed her gratitude towards Nahdet Misr and its efforts in promoting the public interest. She added that Nahdet Misr’s decision in bearing the cost of this initiative makes it a true idol for private sector involvement with the government in the completion of a significant national project as “Speak Egyptian”.

She added “In order to provide our young generations and children living abroad with valuable educational content requires proficiency, dedication and attention to details from the team working on the development of this project, which is something we experience every time we deal with Nahdet Misr’s team headed by Dalia Ibrahim.

Moreover, she said that Nahdet Misr has always contributed highly and effectively to the Egyptian and Arab educational and cultural development. Nahdet Misr is currently collaborating with the Egyptian Ministry of Education in developing and producing the new curricula for the Arabic Language and Religious studies for KGs and Primary grades. Hence, we are quite confident that Nahdet Misr will be able to develop a one-of-a-kind platform that will teach expat children how to speak Arabic, and will provide them with interesting information about our heritage, culture and the country’s current happenings; thus enhancing their sense of belonging to the Arab world and to Egypt as their home country.

In commentary on this project, Nahdet Misr’s CEO, Dalia Ibrahim said “our high sense of commitment towards our country has driven us to incur the full cost of the development of the first phase of “Speak Egyptian” initiative. We need to develop a modern and engaging platform that will best portray our culture and valuable heritage. She added that the goal of that initiative is to help expat children to better communicate with their families in Egypt and learn more about their country, thus preserving their identity, which is a great responsibility we are glad to undertake with the Ministry of Immigration.

Furthermore, Dalia Ibrahim said “Nahdet Misr offers this project as a gift to Egypt and the Egyptian government represented in the Ministry of Immigration. “Speak Egyptian” project represents a new addition and a milestone in attaining our mission in spreading knowledge and enhancing education in Egypt and the Arab world. “Speak Egyptian” platform will be available for all Egyptians whether living abroad or residing in Egypt.

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