Since its establishment, Nahdet Misr Group has contributed highly and effectively to the Egyptian and Arab educational process with outstanding achievements furnished by its uniqueness in various educational fields. The group’s expertise is rooted in all phases of the educational process, which enables us to provide fully integrated educational solutions to students, teachers and parents.

Nahdet Misr Group strives to provide solutions for learning difficulties facing students in some subjects by developing tools facilitating the attainment of such goal. Among the integrated educational solutions provided by the group; books, educational CDs, digital books, e-learning websites, interactive whiteboards, educational supplies and training for teachers programs.

Nahdet Misr Group has successfully launched and completed educational projects in Egypt presently used by educational facilities across the country. The group collaborated with the Ministry of Education in Egypt to create their educational curricula. The project witnessed the approval of the Ministry of Education on Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics, European Geography, American Geography, Nile Geography, Egyptian and Sudanese Geography, Physiology, and Trigonometry curricula; created by Nahdet Misr, and has used this material for the entire Secondary stage of school education in Egypt. Nahdet Misr Group also carried out similar projects in collaboration with Ministries of Education across in many other Arab countries.

In collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, Nahdet Misr Group has done notable contributions to the school educational content in Egypt and the Arab world. The group received more than one Blue Ribbon award for different phases of the project.
Nahdet Misr Group produces educational solutions for the development of existing curricula. Among the most notable ones is the Al Adwaa educational series (Books, CDs and Website) which Egyptian school students, parents and teachers have depended on for more than four decades.
Al Adwaa series covers G-12 courses for all subjects, including Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Education, English and French. The series include more than 150 titles and is certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education, being an indispensable source of learning material for students, teachers and parents.

Nahdet Misr presents its products in different formats; CDs and DVDs, interactive audiovisual web-based solutions, full-fledged educational software solutions and technical consultations.

  • Ketapedia – an interactive application that takes education up to a whole new level; it empowers students (Grades 1 to 9) to study and have fun, making all the lessons and exercises available at a fingertip. It complies with the national Arabic, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies curricula.
  • Al-Adwaa – a website that provides digital educational and assessment content for the student, professional development and resources for the teacher and support and follow-up of the students to the parent.
  • MADARES – Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS) and Virtual Classroom (VCR). It is a turn- key educational solution that provides self-paced live e-learning sessions between students and teachers.
  • IBM Electronic University – an educational curriculum for Smart Boards that allowed utilization of presented material in an electronic interaction form between the student and the teacher.

Among the services offered by Nahdet Misr Group for educational technology is creating and editing digital content in different formats to be used with different devices, whether computers, tablets or smartphones. Additionally, interactive whiteboards have proven to be a rich educational tool that avails a two-way channel of communication between students and teachers that is both; fun and educational.

Nahdet Misr Group also develops digital books for various platforms, including Windows, different Internet browsers, iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads and Android tablets. The group additionally provides database design and development, graphic and website design and development services, as well as web content management services.

Nahdet Misr Group educational technology solutions include:

  • E-learning solutions
  • Interactive white boards
  • Digital books
  • Multimedia products on CDs and DVDs
  • Database design and development
  • Educational documentary film production
  • Graphic design
  • Web content management
  • Website development
  • Mobile educational services

The group supplies and distributes all the stationery, equipment and tools needed for educational facilities, for students and teachers alike.
The company is the legal producer and distributor of Disney World stationery products, including notebooks, copybooks, pencil cases, bags, pencils, etc.

Nahdet Misr Group provides professional development programs for teachers to empower them with the tools needed to excel.
These programs could be specialized on certain programs or general teaching methodologies.
These programs follow advanced learning techniques that include instructor-led classroom training, e-learning, blended learning, one-to-one training and self-paced learning.