Educational Solutions

Nahdet Misr Group has always contributed highly and effectively to the Egyptian and Arab educational process with outstanding achievements furnished by its uniqueness in various educational fields. The Group’s expertise is rooted in all phases of the educational process, which enables us to provide fully integrated educational solutions to students, teachers and parents.
Nahdet Misr Group strives to provide solutions for learning difficulties facing students in some subjects by developing tools that aim to facilitate the attainment of such goal. Among the integrated educational solutions provided by the Group are educational curricula, supplementary books, interactive educational applications, digital books, e-learning websites, interactive whiteboards content, vocational education, educational supplies and educators’ professional development programs.


Nahdet Misr Group produces educational solutions for the development of existing curricula. Among the most notable is “Al Adwaa” educational series (Books, CDs and Website).
Al Adwaa series covers from KG - G12 courses for all subjects, including Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Education, English and French. The series includes more than 150 titles and is certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The series has proven to be an indispensable source of learning material for students, teachers and parents for the past five decades.
Moreover, Al Adwaa offers a comprehensive portal; through which it provides digital educational and assessment content for the student, professional development and resources for the teacher and follow-up for the parents.


Nahdet Misr brings to the Egyptian market a variety of the leading international educational publications catering to the needs of schools and universities. Starting with Cambridge University Press to Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) and Kidproof, Nahdet Misr offers first-class educational content from all over the world. The Group also offers valuable character building programs and engaging Arabic Language Curricula especially designed for young children.

In collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, Nahdet Misr takes in contributing to the school educational content in Egypt and the Arab world. The Group received more than one Blue Ribbon award for different phases of the project.
Moreover, the Group has collaborated with the Ministry of Education in Egypt throughout the years to create several of their pervious educational curricula including; Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics, European Geography, American Geography, Nile Geography, Egyptian and Sudanese Geography, Physiology, and Trigonometry for the entire secondary stage. Nahdet Misr Group also carried out similar projects in collaboration with Ministries of Education across other Arab countries.
In accordance to Egypt 2030 vision, Nahdet Misr collaborated with the Ministry of Education in developing and producing the new curricula for the Arabic Language and Religious Studies for KG1, KG2 and G1.


Focusing on educators, who are the cornerstone to the enhancement of the educational system as a whole, Nahdet Misr Group provides professional development programs for instructors to empower them with the tools needed to excel.
The programs could be on general teaching methodologies or specific subject teaching methodologies. The programs follow advanced learning techniques that include instructor-led classroom, e-learning, blended learning and self-paced learning.

The Group supplies, distributes, imports and exports all the stationery, equipment and tools needed for educational facilities, for students and teachers alike.
The company is the official producer and distributor of Disney World stationery products and school supplies in Egypt. Nahdet Misr Group owns an extensive network of distributors and a powerful fleet.

Recognizing the importance of the enhancement of vocational education in Egypt and its crucial role in economic and social development, the Group established Nahdet Misr Printing Academy in 2016. The academy aims at upgrading vocational education in the field of printing; thus, providing youth with the required skills for this job.
Located in 6th of October City, Nahdet Misr Printing Academy accepts post-preparatory students offering them vocational education in printing technology for three years. Upon graduation, students acquire an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Industry, where they can enroll afterwards at any of the specialized technical colleges or institutes.
Nahdet Misr has developed a thoughtfully-prepared curriculum for its academy that includes both theoretical education and practical training. The printing academy has a team of experienced highly-skilled engineers and technicians responsible for teaching and training the students on all printing and maintenance services. Through its printing academy, Nahdet Misr aspires addressing a pressing need for the provision of skilled labors in the field of printing and helping youth to acquire employment opportunities. In July 2018, Nahdet Misr Printing Academy witnessed the graduation of its first class including 130 graduates, most of which have joined work at the print house.
In 2018, Nahdet Misr collaborated with the USAID’s project WISE (Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement), to develop a new field of vocational education – a three-year technical diploma in renewable energy. This new field is meant to enhance the skills and productivity of students/workers working in renewable energy plants in Egypt. Nahdet Misr developed the content presented in Student Books and Teacher Guides. Nahdet Misr also executed a series of Train of the Trainers (TOT) programs (pedagogical and technical) to empower the instructor to best deliver the new curricula to the students.

Nahdet Misr develops Literacy programs for youth and adults. These programs are developed in different digital formats to be used on various platforms. Moreover, Nahdet Misr develops Training for Trainers (TOT) programs for instructors to assist them in delivering these programs.
Nahdet Misr was selected by the UNESCO, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Microsoft to produce an application that is meant to enhance the literacy and numeracy of girls and women ranging from 16 to 25 years old residing in Egypt’s different governorates.


Nahdet Misr develops customized content and advanced education platforms in order to teach Arabic language to Egyptian Expatriates.
In this context, Nahdet Misr is collaborating with the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in “Speak Egyptian” initiative. This national initiative aims at teaching young Egyptian expatriates Arabic and educating them on Egypt’s history, thus help them preserve their identity.


Keen to deliver the latest in education and teaching methodologies, Nahdet Misr has ventured into managing schools with the aim of ensuring the constant enhancement of the learning process, and empowering students with life-long skills.
Nahdet Misr has recently collaborated with Al Hayah International Academy and the Federation of Egyptian Banks in establishing a new school.