Nahdet Misr Group provides complete digital solution.

  • MADARES platform – provides an integrated all-in-one e- learning platform for educational entities. It allows students and teachers to communicate, collaborate and learn effectively through the integration: Learning Management System (LMS), the Student Information System (SIS) and the Virtual Classroom (VCR).
  • SMART Courseware project (an affiliate of SMART Technologies’ in North Africa and Middle East). It provided innovative e-learning solutions to support schools and teachers in creating a super quality educational service through multimedia-based school educational curricula, and with interactive features made available through one integrated packaged solution.

Digital content for mobile applications, web-based solutions, cartoons and multimedia CDs.
Interactive e-learning digital solutions for students and teachers.

The Group offers full-fledged animation production services in 2D and 3D.

  • Drama and Adventure Episodes
  • Advertisements
  • E-Learning Content
  • Digital Books
  • Animation Content.

Main Productions:

  • “Zizo” (shown on Egyptian national television in Ramadan, 3 consecutive years)
  • “A Very Important Movie” (in collaboration with The Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights)
  • Regularly cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Communication to transform children books into animated stories.


  • The Golden Prize in Animation – 2010 Television Festival
  • The Grand Prize – Animation Festival 2011

Nahdet Misr Group owns one of the largest and most advanced CD and DVD replication facilities in the Middle East.