Digital Solutions

With the digital transformation and the rise of educational technology, Nahdet Misr offers a variety of digital solutions that empower learners and educators in an ever-changing world.
Our digital content and solutions are based on the latest educational and methodologies.

Digital content is no more an added value to today's digital native learners/generation; it is essential and fundamental; hence Nahdet Misr creates and edits digital content in different formats to be used with various devices, whether computers, tablets or smartphones.
Nahdet Misr puts together cross industrial experiences to create its innovative digital content. It highly considers deploying experienced authorship, curricular experts, external review, copyright protection, consistent user-experience, and around eight decades of building quality content.

Nahdet Misr provides customized solutions for all types of learning with interactive and easy to use modules of rich and engaging content.

Nahdet Misr offers diversified gamification solutions to engage learners, motivate actions, promote learning and help learners further develop their skills in problem solving.

Nahdet Misr offers authoring tools that enable non-tech people to build rich content easily; thus, supporting “Rapid Learning”.

Nahdet Misr develops and tests different learning objects, applications and digital content that work on any portable device.

Nahdet Misr offers several “Micro Learning” solutions that enables the delivery of information in trainings and learning objectives in an interactive format in the easiest and shortest ways.

Nahdet Misr embraces business challenges and develops customized content and unique solutions that help develop engaging and effective relationship with target audience.

Nahdet Misr digitizes training programs and presents them in the most innovative format.

Nahdet Misr has been developing edutainment content and animated productions since the 90s. It develops drama and adventure episodes, 2D & 3D animated productions.

Among its most notable productions:

  • “Noor Wa Bawabet El Tareekh”, produced in 2018 in collaboration with Al-Azhar and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. The series was aired during the month of Ramadan on the Egyptian television, and was awarded “Mohamed Bin Rashed Award” as the best animated series that enhance culture in young children and help them master the Arabic Language.
  • “Sayed Android Series” produced in 2016 and aired during the month of Ramadan on the Egyptian television and satellite channels.
  • “A Very Important Movie” in collaboration with The Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights.
  • Regular cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Communication to transform children books into animated stories.

Interactive Curricula: Al Adwaa iBook

Keen to provide a unique educational experience, the company launched an exclusive interactive educational application: “Al-Adwaa iBook”, which is an educational solution with interactive content that increases students’ engagement, extends learning outside school walls and personalizes their learning experience. It is designed to develop the critical and scientific thinking of students. Al Adwaa iBook is an offline application used on tablets, iPad and computers. It features the Egyptian MoE curricula for pre-university levels.

Al Adwaa iBook features:                                          device-laptop-adwaa-app

  • Saves students’ time
  • Supports constructive pedagogy
  • Improves learning skills
  • Stimulates the usage of different studying tools
  • Available in teacher and student versions

One of the most important features that makes Al Adwaa iBook unique is the use of “Learning Objects” (LOs) presented in the form of pictures, videos, animations, animated charts, text, sounds, and graphic organizers. LOs are the mean to make hard ideas easier to understand, especially when the course is designed to be a self-learning tool. In Al Adwaa iBook, the LOs are eloquently utilized not only to adapt to differentiated learning, but also to provide support to students who may have difficulty in understanding text-rich material, and to add another level of authenticity and practicality to the content. Moreover, Al Adwaa iBook incorporates assessment tools through different types of interactive and open-ended questions. These questions and tests allow students to assess their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses.