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Women in the Life of the Prophets – Quranic and Biblical References

An attempt to highlight the vital role played by women throughout the history of humanity. Having lived crucial events involving the lives of the Prophets, some women have greatly suffered and were highly influenced by those divinely chosen figures. The book presents biographies of fourteen women who were mentioned in the Holy Quran, including seven of the Prophet’s wives. The Holy Quran, the Old Testament and the New Testament are the primary sources that the book relied upon, presenting a detailed account of the lives of the Prophets, mentioning the ages in which the Prophets were sent, along with rich biographies of a selection of great Muslim women. The book focuses on the special features characterizing those women, including those that qualified them to be good examples of wisdom, patience at hard times and perseverance to uphold the banner of the holy messages.

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Fathy Fawzy Abdul Mo'ety



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“Women in the Life of the Prophets – Quranic and Biblical References”

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