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Water War on the Banks of the NileIsraelÕs Dream Coming True

Are we on the brink of an outright war over the River Nile water-sharing? To what extent does Israel pose a threat to the national security of Egypt, particularly with regard to the River Nile springs? Are we in a critical situation after Ethiopia’s latest announcement to build Al-Nahda Dam? Do we have to choose between thirst, as a result of denying Egypt its share of water and its legal right in the River Nile water on one hand, or drowning in an imminent catastrophic flood if the Ethiopian Dam was ever destroyed, which would negatively affect the High Dam in Egypt? All these and many others are questions the book attempts to answer, discussing the case of the River Nile and the row over water, a new threat Egypt is facing. The book also deciphers many clues about Al-Nahda Dam and why Israel is interested in the River Nile water and desires to lay control over it!
The River Nile… to where? Nile countries… to where? Egypt… to where? Are questions the book addresses among many others!

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Omar Fadlallah



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“Water War on the Banks of the NileIsraelÕs Dream Coming True”

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