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The Scientific Interpretation Of The Holy Quran (Chapter 30)

For the thirtieth chapter of the Holy Quran thatÕs mostly well read and memorized by the majority of Muslims, comes this interpretation by Dr. Zaghloul Al Naggar, who attempts to cover several scientific, psychological, pedagogic, and historic issues derived from the opulent cosmic, yet short verses of this chapter.
Dr. Al Naggar unveils numerous breathtaking scientific facts about ourselves and the unexplored horizons, with a quick overview on the message meant to be sent through each Surah in this holy chapter.
Not only so, but he also tells us stories about how the antecedents lived and died, and informs us about the deeds done by the good; emphasizing the pillars of the right Islamic creed, and refined Islamic values.

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Dr. Zaghloul Al-Naggar



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“The Scientific Interpretation Of The Holy Quran (Chapter 30)”

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