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The Password Mubarak’s Diary

History is concerned with documenting human pursuit, with both its advantages and drawbacks. This is what compelled us to publish the diaries of the toppled Egyptian President and once a pilot, Mohamed Hosny Mubarak, in which he documents the truth of what happened to the Egyptian Armed Forces in June 1967 defeat and how it struggled to regain its power and strength to later become the main and primary tool that helped bring victory to the country in October 6 War, just six years later.
The diaries tackle the life of Mubarak, not the person but rather the military man who gives a professional assessment of the 1967 defeat, holding top officials accountable and analyzes the Israeli enemyÕs plan, stressing that it carried no military creativity, but mainly depended on advanced military equipment and sophisticated weaponry.In his diaries, which were compiled towards the end of the seventies yet saw the light only today, Mubarak emphasized time and the proficiency of the human factor in the Egyptian forces and nation alike.

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“The Password Mubarak’s Diary”

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