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The Lion And The Mosquito

God created nature in the most splendid order and balance, assigning each of his creatures a definite role to do; the absence of any of those creatures can have disastrous consequences. In spite of the insects’ minute size and frailty, they are indispensable, due to their momentous function, for instance, worms feed on our wastes, and remains, thus ridding us of them, and bees give us the delicious honey, with its infinite benefits. Without insects, even the soil suffers, and becomes weak and sick. Will the lion forgive the mosquito once he has learned all this valuable information?

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Dimensions 22.5 x 22.5 cm

Hussien El Nemr


Fatma Al-Ma`doul

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978-977-14-3573- 6

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3 to 6

“The Lion And The Mosquito”

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