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The Egypt We Aspire

I would not be exaggerating if I say that the ÒDevelopment BookÓ of the world has
long been inscribed, but is seems we either do not know how to read, or do not
want to read as the process of economic, administrative and political development has been scrutinized to the extent that the curricula of developmental political economy discourse essential decisions and systematic phases similar to ÒcookingÓ books, with a difference in analogy.
In return, it seems that EgyptÕs contemporary history, at least in the times of Mohamed Ali, is merely a series of setbacks intersected with partial success in some field. Why hasnÕt renaissance, development and achievement ever been a title to the book of EgyptÕs contemporary history? What is the procedure that we
overlook or disregard that hinders us to follow the procession whether in our neighbouring nations or the far away ones.
Why are we left behind while others progress?

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Dr. Moataz Abdelfattah



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“The Egypt We Aspire”

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