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Sunnis and Shiis:One Nation

The author demonstrates the value of the Ummah (the Muslim Nation) in the Islamic law (Sharia), emphasizing this value from the various meanings of the word Ummah, as mentioned in the Holy Quran, clarifying the difference between the word Qabila (Tribe) and Qawm (Group of People). The author furthermore presents the fundamental principles that have been lost in the modern Muslim nation, the nation which once expanded and spread its wings over the world. He draws a comparison between the history of the Ummah and its present reality, one thatÕs characterized by a major decline and weakness in facing the Zionist enemy, thanks to the political and intellectual dissensions overwhelming most Islamic groups. The author calls for joining forces and unity, and setting aside differences as long as they’re secondary and as long as we agree on the primary and core principles amongst ourselves.

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Abdul Sabour Shahin

“Sunnis and Shiis:One Nation”

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