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People vary in their understanding of Sufism, its doctrine and orders, in a way that may be contradictory. For some, Sufism is absolute religiosity, piety and the optimum goal of treading the path towards Allah, whereas others consider it as a form of deviance and atheism. Here lies the significance of this book, the aim of which seems quite difficult and challenging, as it seeks to provide pure and wise explanation of the notion of Sufism in order to decipher clues about Sufism and properly define it. It may be challenging, yet simple; as it’s difficult for the limited language and its tools to cover and contain the core of such an exclusive and unique spiritual path. A path where one treads towards Allah, flying in an explicitly spiritual journey in the heavenly skies, to feel the divine presence of Allah, which goes beyond the limitations of human mind and perception.

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Youssuf Zeidan



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