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Screams Behind Doors

The two friends, Louza and Rommana, live in a two floor residential building that has 4 apartments always filled with incessant yelling and endless quarrels between its residents. Thirteen year old strong and proactive Rommana, the doorman’s daughter, decides to fix this desperate state with the help of her friend Louza, a resident and her best friend, especially after her father told her that he couldn’t continue working in these conditions.
In the beginning, they thought of a way to segregate the residents, contemplating that this would have to reduce the problems between them.
Rommana discovers that the solution doesn’t lie in segregating the residents further apart, as they had thought, on the contrary it lies in bringing them closer, and helping them comprehend that more loneliness and selfishness were not the answer to their problems. The answer is in honest communication, active listening and helping one another. This is how Rommana succeeded in transforming the building into a happy jolly home.

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Dimensions 24 x 17 cm

Magdy El Shafey


Rania Hussien

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9 to 12

“Screams Behind Doors”

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