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Putin: The battle BetweenWealth and Power

It’s politics that is never weary of reporting the version of events’ makers.
The pages of this book chronicle the deeds and doings of the Russian president Vladimir Putin since his coming into office after being elected in 2002.
Authored by Dr. Samy Omara, one of the prominent Arab reporters who resided in Moscow for many years; the book showcases the political scene in Russia post the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early nineties.
Dr. Omara describes Putin’s battle with the stratum of oligarchy, who are predominantly Jews; and his discord with the most eminent governors, foreign presidents of countries that have declared their independence and autonomy, the poles of the media, the struggle against the separatist movements in Chechnya, and the North Caucasus, and his stern oppositional stance against corruption.

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“Putin: The battle BetweenWealth and Power”

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