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    Afaf Tobalah


Oud El-Sanabel

by: Afaf Tobalah

King Zain had three beautiful daughters.He was confused as to how to get his daughters married without offending anyone, so he took the advice of a state’s elder. However, his youngest daughter refused to surrender to this way.
Learning that his daughter revolted against his will, the king grew furious; and decided to punish her by marrying her to the first suitor who knocks the door. The youngest princess submitted to an unknown destiny and events that unfold within.

Meet the Author
• She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Language Arts from Cairo University- French Literature major, then received a Diploma in Mass Communication; Media Broadcasting, then a Masters’ Degree, and finally a PhD in Mass Communication from Cairo University. • She is also a director and screenwriter for various programs; and an artistic producer for a number of short films and documentaries.
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Dimensions 34 x 23.8 cm

Etisalat Award for Children's Book


6 to 9

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978-977-14-4636- 5


Afaf Tobalah


Hanady Seleit

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“Oud El-Sanabel”

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