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His Daughter

She is “daddy’s daughter” such was her mother’s description, warning both her sisters not to disclose everything to her, or else she would reveal it to their father. She is not only her father’s daughter, but you could also say that she adores him and his lifestyle- she follows his footsteps in every way – even her tone of voice and intonation resembles very much her father, the late president Mohamed Anwar El Sadat. She is ‘Ruqaya”, the eldest daughter of President Sadat, who decided to open her box of memories with a father whom she never stops mentioning his name and deeds, with tireless revelation of her obsessive assertions that the assassination that claimed his life on the October victory celebration, was a conspiracy beyond the Islamist boundaries. As such, the author’s memories are intertwined with the events she had lived through, to produce this must-read piece of work, as she is “daddy’s daughter”.

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Ruqaya Anwar El-Sadat



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“His Daughter”

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