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From Nouakchott To Timbuktu (Writing On The Edge Of Death)

The enlightened eyes of a visionary Egyptian journalist surveyed one of Earth’s most enormous spaces from the west of the great Sahara, where Mauritania and Morocco are located, passing through Algeria, Mali, Chad, Niger, Libya, Egypt and Sudan, then quickly looking over Somalia, where he observed the triangle of wickedness: the making of terrorism, weapons’ trade and drug dealing that are run by security agencies of super powerful countries and ruling houses to brainwash young Muslims, especially young Arab Muslims, to exploit them in dismantling the Arab world under the guise of jihad and the enactment of God’s law.
Indeed, they abuse the inadequacy of the Arab ruling regimes in catering for the basic necessary needs of the poor and disadvantaged millions and youths in the Arab world at large and the largely underexplored African Arab desert.
The great journalist, Ayman Al Sisi, presents this vision with a strategic level of awareness of the nation’s crisis, not just Egypt’s.

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Ayman Al-Sisi

“From Nouakchott To Timbuktu (Writing On The Edge Of Death)”

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