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Climbing the Downfall

In a quite complicated and unique world, one that involves only those of shrewd abilities, trained intelligent mentalities and iron will, the world of intelligence, is a realm that captured the interest, amazement and anticipation of the author for a long time, in a way that compelled him to venture into the thrilling world of intelligence literature in a controversial and simply amazing way. Did this truly happen? One would ask. How close could the author get to those restricted areas relating to the nation’s security? Especially that this specific novel tells the story of an Egyptian lady who was employed by the Israeli intelligence during the 1968-69 war. What could have happened between the two countries’ intelligence systems; a world in which every move, word and blink of an eye is tactfully planned for?

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Dimensions 19.5 x 13.5 cm

Saleh Morsy



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“Climbing the Downfall”

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