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By Civilization, not By PoliticsBefore Running out of Patience

“We’re living in a state of absolute confusion that’s capable of wreaking havoc of man and everything else; the good and the bad, the virtuous and the wrongdoer alike. Rifts and conflicts do not impact only the wrongdoers, but rather everybody suffers their flames.
In the age of loss, speakers become plenty, as well as analysts. Also, ideas mix and opinions conflict at times and meet at others- yet the solution remains hanging; same way implementation remains absent and far fetched in most cases. As an Egyptian sensing and living the pains of this country, I could strongly feel and comprehend the right Egypt has over me and the responsibility befalling me as a writer. So, I decided to collect all the fragments and gather all the threads of confusion. Here, inspired by my long journey through the history of this country, its characteristics and the approach it adopted in difficulties, plights and challenges, I attempt to fully depict the current situation in Egypt, suggesting a way out of this dilemma”.

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Ne'maat Ahmed Fouad



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“By Civilization, not By PoliticsBefore Running out of Patience”

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