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    Ya’qub El -Sharouni


A Miracle In The Desert

by: Ya’qub El -Sharouni

On their journey in search for a drop of water, the people of the “Gara Oasis” are introduced to a world full of surprises, good and bad. Will their belief in their own-selves triumph in the end? Or will they be defeated and retreat to their alienated oasis?

Meet the Author
• He is a pioneer in children’s literature in Egypt and the Arab world • He was the former president for the National Council for Children’s Culture. • He won the “National Special Award” in 1960; presented by president Gamal Abd El Nasser. • He won the First Award in playwriting in 1962 • He won the First Award for Children’s Literature in 1981 for his story “The Secret behind the Amazing Disappearance” • He won the worldwide “Primary Award”, in Bologna’s International Children’s Book Fair. • He won the “Best Author” Award for his book “The Secret of the Queen of Queens”, on “Queen Hatshepsut” in 2007. • He won the "Interantional Board on Books for Young Readers " (iBbY) for his story " The Night Of Fire" , that also won Etisalat award for Children's Book (Short list), and the Egyptian Board for young people "eBbY". • The number of books he wrote and had published amount to more than 400 books, and many of them have been translated to English, French, German, Malaysian and Hungarian.
Books of Ya’qub El -Sharouni
Sons In The Storm

A Miracle

The Night Of Fire

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Dimensions 23 x 23 cm

Ya'qub El -Sharouni


Hesham Rahma

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“A Miracle In The Desert”

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