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    How to Watch a Movie

    It is one of the cultural books series, How to …, that’s supposed to be issued sequentially to simplify and provide an easy portrayal of arts and literature for youth. The book, How to Watch a Film is an educational book directed to youth and movie lovers to familiarize them with the basics of filmmaking. The author begins with its inception and reviews the elements of the film, such as the story, the scenario, the photography, the lighting, …etc., and a deep analysis of the construction of cinematic scenes. In addition to the advice of the great critic Mahmoud Abdel Shakour, the author of the book, to the readers.

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    I’m About to Tell You

    It is a book that discusses ideas we live, talk about, and need, such as: water desalination, the generation of the iPad, debtors, family gathering or the beginning of Ramadan. It is also exposed to figures representing role models in our lives such as Mohamed Salah, the productive mothers at the Abbis Factory that has become the most famous hand-made carpet factory in the world, or the orchestra of El Nour Wel Amal. It also tells the history of some figures as El Shatby or Naomi Packer.


    The book “Start Up Arabia” includes a wide range of unrevealed stories of modern technology entrepreneurs in the Middle East who are working to promote one of the most vital and influential technology fields in the world nowadays. Through a number of interviews that describe the early days in the lives of these pioneers and the emerging companies that they have established, the book explores how they came to the initial ideas of their projects, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them, the lessons learned from the experiences they underwent and the advice they give to the second generation of entrepreneurs in the Middle East.