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    A mixture of fiction and real life stories. You cannot trace which events happen in real life and which is the creation of the author. The author advises the reader not to think much about that. What I sought to present in this last book of mine is to invite you to read it more than once. The material of this book was prepared for this purpose; to be read several times, at least three times. Once, for the reader to get to know the story of the protagonist with his mentor which comprises theories of management as well as Sufi and Philosophic values. The second time is for the reader to focus mainly on the Six Main Fundamentals of “Thinking out of the Box”, to memorize them and reflect on them.
    As for the third time, it’s for the reader to recall, as he/she reads through the book, a real life problem and try to come up with solutions for it by thinking out of the box. It’s a mean to make life easier for people and a tool aiding them to tread the right path. I invite you in the end to elevate your thinking beyond all obstacles’.

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