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    In this collection of short stories, the author amazes us with an exemplary mix between reality and fantasy, using his poetic style and imagery, coupled with the traditional Arab storytelling, to express his ideas and portray his characters. From an old man who dies several times in various parts of the world, when his only dream is to die in his homeland, to a photographer who has only one eye that cannot see, to a ghost who turned into a secret keeper of his ex-mistress, to people who were killed during their sleep and a person who narrates the story of his entire life in a manuscript before living it!
    Amazing, fresh images and ideas, where the author adds a sense of concrete daily life to legendary characters.

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    This collection of stories is classified among the magical realistic school of writing.
    The author resorts to imagination and fantasia in depicting human experiences and feelings that are an integral part of the life of every human individual. When you read through these stories, you tend to feel indulged in your own share of feelings and memories. You consider the protagonists as your own friends and neighbors. You sense the heartbeats of your mother, your feelings towards your father and the playful attitude of your younger sister. On the whole, the book is inspiring to love the people and life, and regard those who surround us as unique human case and a blessing from God.

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    A collection of short stories where the author tackles the lives of different types of oppressed characters, represented in twelve women working as maids or nannies. She portrays the nature of their work, highlighting their needs, desires and inner feelings, as a result of oppression and violation of their basic rights as human beings, coupled with poverty and the deteriorating social and humanitarian conditions they have to live through. The author provides vivid description of the impact of all that on them and their families, highlighting the absence of the humane dimension in their lives.