Sarcastic Literature
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    Everyone has his/her own personal and private stories; I hereby present “my stories’ ; which may or may not resemble your own.
    This book contains a collection of true stories sarcastically written that have taken place in the life of the painter and writer Yasser Hussein throughout his life in various positions and areas, in school or at home.

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    Telling it as it is

    A social, satirical, political and historical documentation of the invisible dimensions of our lives; it unveils them and puts them under the spotlight for us to comprehend and review the courses of our routes towards them.
    It also addresses the pessimists, who refuse to have hopes for the future and purposefully disengage from their life, walking away from contributing to its betterment; and only participate in actions of criticism, and extortion.
    A part of the book tackles many of the wrong behaviors we have, sarcastically, such as: double and even triple parking.
    This literary piece is based on a popular radio show under the same title, it is a hit on the radio station 9090. It presents the extract of the show’s philosophy and all the cases it has discussed.