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    The World of Certainty

    The book deals with great people who enriched the minds and souls of the nation. It was compiled by the great journalist Sana El Baisy in the book The World of Certainty, calling for using the rational mind in thinking and reflecting, without neglecting a text or belittling an interpretation.
    The book consists of 12 chapters. She started the first chapter by talking about the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, and then talked about some of the other prophets, as the father of the prophets, Ibrahim, the patient Ayoub and Yahya.
    In the other chapters, she spotted glimpses of the lives of men and women who were a light to humanity and a symbol of thought, ethics, and faith. Among them are Khadija bint Khuwailid, Omar Ibn El Khattab, and Abu Bakr El Siddiq. Then she mentioned the four Imams; Malik, Abu Hanifa El Nu’man, El Shaafa’y and Ibn Hanbal. She also mentioned the holy Azhar Imams; Omar Makram, Imam Mohamed Abdo, Moustafa Abd El Raziq, El Baqury and El Shaarawy. She talked about other thinkers as Goethe and Bent El Shatea. About Qur’an readers, she mentioned Sheikh Mohammed Refaat and Sheikh Moustafa Ismail.
    Sana El Baisy did not neglect the critical historical events. She tackled the adversity we suffer, analyzing our conditions today, and the Israeli attempts to distort the essence of true religion and thought.