Arabic Fiction
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    A philosophical novel in a social and romantic setting, recounts a strange love story between a young rich man who loses his eyesight in an accident, and a deaf mute young woman who lives in a less classy neighborhood. How will their love story persist despite their impairments and impossible circumstances?

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    A series of stories, whose heroes are buildings and builders that present conclusive moments in Egypt’s architectural history or ” Al Gheitany’s” biography, intermitted by glimpses where Al Ghietany explains architectural expressions in metaphoric descriptions and a Sufi demeanor as he views things and their reflections and search for meanings and their antonyms.
    Each story is an establishment of a life, a movement, a ray of light in a deserted human passage way with significant titles.
    Al Gheitany swings between the visible and invisible, secrecy and revelation to tell more and more, without closing the building’s door at the end of the text.

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    A novel based on true events; narrated by one of the author’s friends about a young spoiled man named “Sherif” who got fired from work and kicked out from home by his father to go back to the house that he grew up in… his grandmother’s house… where he is faced with diverse percephons.

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    In a simple – yet engaging – enlightened language, inventive embodiment of characters and careful spinning of fine details, this collection of stories enables
    us to look at the world from multiple angles, starting from the perspective of a young girl up to the grandmother who has discussed a number of daring and
    controversial topics in a manner befitting her years of life experience and the writerÕs maturity.