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    Although he is not the first among Egyptians to be an international football player, Mohammed Salah has won the of pride of his city, the support of his country and the love of millions in the world.
    The book describes the details of his journey of decline and challenge until he reached the summit, and how he became a model for many people regardless of their nationalities and backgrounds.
    The reason for this is that he is not only a model in playing football, but in modesty, manners, commitment and compliance.

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    The Only Fan

    The book is divided into two parts:
    The first discusses the author’s journey and his love of football.
    The second is about his trip to Russia in the World Cup 2018. The book includes an interesting and exciting chronological narration of the author’s relationship with the various World Cups. It is his famous picture that has been taken when he was sitting alone in the stands after Egypt and Saudi Arabia match.
    The book not only tells the story of the picture and what goes behind it, but tells a part of the social history of football in Egypt in almost 20 years.