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    An observation and analysis of the psychological state of the Egyptian people since the revolution and up till today, as well as their general health status and the
    societal and political implications on the generation’s outlook on the psychological well being of Egyptians.

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    In Cairo cafes and on its roads were their encounters for long years. This is a debate about democracy, that is a conversation on the development of countries and those are thoughts on the relationship of the ruler and the people and the means of organizing authority in the homeland Talks and conversations among the public and private; among the tutor Naguib Mahfouz and the comrade Gamal
    Ghitani whereby both are professors.
    With the departure of Ghitani, these boards remain as a special window that provides a view of a unique relationship in the world
    of Arabic literature not only for being between two Arab authors in the modern era, but because it provides us with a unique vision, free of any personal interest, to issues that will remain crucial in human life regardless of the name, race or color.

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    The Only Fan

    The book is divided into two parts:
    The first discusses the author’s journey and his love of football.
    The second is about his trip to Russia in the World Cup 2018. The book includes an interesting and exciting chronological narration of the author’s relationship with the various World Cups. It is his famous picture that has been taken when he was sitting alone in the stands after Egypt and Saudi Arabia match.
    The book not only tells the story of the picture and what goes behind it, but tells a part of the social history of football in Egypt in almost 20 years.

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    The Encyclopedia of the Egyptian Pyramids presents a comprehensive explanation of all the scientific discoveries and the scholarly opinions relating to the Egyptian Pyramids. Volume III tackles the secrets of the Pyramid of Khufu [Cheops], including those of the doors found inside the pyramid. Relying on colorful illustrations and pictures, the book delivers its message and presents its content in an intriguing and dazzling manner.