Arabic language
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    “If it weren’t for Allah’s messenger Muhammad, Peace be upon him, the Arabs would have remained an unknown people like the Eskimos or Zulus. If it weren’t
    for the Holy Quran, the Arabic language would have been insignificant if not dead” Mariam Gamila; an American Orientalist.

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    Language is a great secret in people’s lives, a massive power, and an immortal manifestation of God’s supremacy.
    In the beginning, there was the word, a word thatÕs capable of building up a nation or destroying a human being. A language signifies an identity and a persona; it is history and culture; the magic wand used to render politics its powers; a tool for deception and make believe.
    In a war, language can be the deadliest weapon, undoubtedly it is the most lethal armament in media wars. If war involves trickery, then language is trickery’s cane.
    Language is the axis of art’s suave force, for Drama is merely a group powered living art that’s based on an inspired text.