– Mickey (weekly magazine)

A weekly entertainment magazine published in the Arabic language targeted at readers from 7 years and above. It contains adventure, fantasy and comedy stories and information and light news.
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– Pocket Mickey

A pocket size Arabic book targeted at readers 10 years and above; contains long stories of the favorite Disney characters in graphic novels.
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Winnie The Pooh

A bi-lingual magazine addressed to the mother and the child in the pre-school stage (3 – 7 years). It combines stories, adventures, entertainment activities and learning through the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie and his friends.

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National Geographic for Youth

A leading international scientific magazine for youth (8 – 18 years) in Arabic. Engagingly exciting and informative, it brings topics from around the world which cover a variety of subjects about animals, entertainment, science, technology, space, Earth, the environment, health, photography, cinema, current affairs and world cultures. It mixes stories about wildlife, sports, adventures and the wonders of the world.
It also includes weird facts and world records through Guinness records and offers an opportunity to discover secrets and wonders of the universe.

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A monthly magazine published in Arabic for children (6 – 12 years). It brings out the secrets of the fairies wonderful and active life in the form of exciting activities, games, information and stories.


Disney Comics

A 260 pages Arabic publication of graphic stories which transfers youth (12 years and above) into a new and exciting world of Disney.

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Let's Discover

A monthly 36 pages publication targeted at children (3 – 8 years). It focuses on teaching the basics of the English language and Mathematics through activities related to the world around them.

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A bi-lingual entertainment magazine for girls (7 – 14 years) that presents ten famous Disney princesses stories. It includes do-it-yourself activities, games, puzzles, news, reading, etiquette and editorial material on beauty, fashion and style in the wonderful world of the Princesses.