Nahdet Misr Group presents a variety of its newest books and publications during this year’s round of Cairo International Book Fair
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Nahdet Misr Group presents a variety of its newest books and publications during this year’s round of Cairo International Book Fair

Nahdet Misr Group is launching a number of its latest books and publications at Egypt’s most iconic annual cultural event – Cairo International Book Fair. This year, Nahdet Misr will display some of its newest books ranging from literature and fiction to poetry, self-development and spirituality, parenting, children’s and its latest digital educational application.

Special Offers and Discounts during the Fair:

Making sure it reaches out to as many book aficionadas as possible, Nahdet Misr will be offering its entire range of products at exceptional discount rates ranging from 20 up to 70% during the fair.

Latest Cultural Books

Poetry: “Shoubra Egypt” by Medhat El Adl
“Shoubra Egypt” combines the most recent poems written by the writer and poet Medhat El Adl. The book includes a number of poems through which El Adl reflects on some of his personal memories. The poet chose “Shoubra Egypt” as a title for his poetry book, as for him Shoubra has always signified a clear example of unity and harmony between Egyptians; rich and poor, Muslims and Christians, Egyptians and non-Egyptians. This beautiful case of harmony is what the poet seeks; a truly unique setting of serenity and peacefulness.

Short Stories: “Moments” by Walid Youssef
The writer’s reminiscences of the different moments in his life are featured in a number of short stories. One’s entire life is made up of special moments; our birth comes in a certain moment and our death as well, and in between is a whole life of different and distinct moments that shape us and define who we eventually become.

Self-development and spirituality: “Word” by Mostafa Hosny

About the power of words, Mostafa Hosny delves into the impact of the words we speak, read and write on us and on others. With a simple word, one can ignite passion and motivate others, while with another word one can put despair into others… Wars and mass murders can start with a word and so can love. Mostafa Hosny’s book highlights the impact of words on our lives, whether words we read, or words in Quran and Ahadith.
Nahdet Misr will also display three newly amended editions of Mostafa Hosny’s books including; “They deceived you and said”, “Love Story” and “The Lost Treasure”.

Social happenings: “As I tell you so” by Isaad Younes
The book is a documentation of Younes’ famous radio program “As I tell you so” that is aired on Radio 90.90. The book is written in slang, and includes a variety of articles and subjects that tackle different negative habits of the Egyptian society in a sarcastic manner giving us the chance to rethink these habits and try to change them. It also talks about several general topics in our lives including art, culture, politics and history.

Parenting and Psychology: “Toxic Parents” by Susan Forward
Toxic Parents by Susan Forward is one of the best-selling parenting books worldwide. Her book features the shortfalls and misconducts that parents do with their children. It highlights how these wrong parenting behaviors can cripple their children emotionally. In this remarkable self-help guide, Dr. Susan Forward draws on real-life voices and cases of adult children of toxic parents to help us free ourselves from some of the frustrating patterns of our relationship with our parents. It also helps us discover a new world of self-confidence, inner strength, and emotional independence.

Satirical literature: “Cold Shower” by Basma El Sebaei
This book discusses the negative habits in our society in a sarcastic way, the prejudices against others and negative judgments against divorced women and emigrants. The book sheds the light on the society’s continuous negativity towards the current country situation and the ongoing criticism especially to children’s ethics and values nowadays. The book aims to reflect the reality on its readers hoping that they realize that change starts with them first.

Children’s Books:

Arabic Books
Nahdet Misr is launching around 50 new Arabic and translated children’s books this year. Amongst the new Arabic books is “Screams behind the Doors” by Rania Amin, which won Etislalat Award for 2016 as the best children book. “Shams” is another new book by Dr. Affaf Tobbala, which was among the short list nominated as well for this year’s Etisalat Award. Two new books will be added to Dr. Aisha Rafei’s series of stories that instill morals and positive manners in our children through interesting stories and activities. Nahdet Misr will also feature a new beautiful story; “Crown of Happiness” written by the talented Samah Abou Bakr Ezzat.

Translated International Books
Being the sole representative of the world’s best children’s books and publications, Nahdet Misr will present Disney’s most famous and recent exquisite stories. It will also display the latest series of the world’s most inspiring publication, National Geographic, which is considered children’s first pick for science, exploration and adventure. Nahdet Misr will also display an array of DK’s remarkable books that cover everything from animals and the human body, to homework help and craft activities.
For Harry Potter series aficionados, Nahdet Misr presents the 8th part of this fantasy novels. This year also witnesses the launch of Scholastic’s famous children’s horror fiction novels “Goosebumps”.

Educational Products:
Not only does Nahdet Misr present unique cultural content, it also offers valuable educational content and advanced educational tools and applications. Amongst its key educational products is Al Adwaa series. This year, Nahdet Misr, features its latest interactive educational application; Ketapedia, that takes education up to a whole new level; it empowers students (Grades 1 to 9) to study and have fun, making all the lessons and exercises available at a fingertip. It complies with the national Arabic, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies curricula. Ketapedia is available on computers, ipads and tablets.
Nahdet Misr also presents a variety of the leading international educational publications catering to the needs of schools and universities. Starting with Cambridge University Press to Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) and Kidproof, Nahdet Misr offers first-class educational content from all over the world. The company also offers valuable character building programs and engaging Arabic Language curricula especially designed for young children.

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