Nahdet Masr collaborates with Edupedia in EduForum 2018 with the objective of to enhancing the Egyptian education system
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Cairo – November 2018: EduForum, is the first international education conference in Egypt, held for the third consecutive year. A large number of foreign education officials and international lecturers are present, with the aim of actively contributing to the advancement of the Egyptian education system, by giving education leaders the opportunity to learn about experiences of educational institutions from around the world.
Nahdet Masr Group was keen to be a key partner in this conference. “Nahdet Masr’s participation in the conference comes within the framework of its belief in the importance of developing the educational process and its effort over the past 80 years to contribute to the advancement of education in Egypt and the Arab world. This is because advanced education is one of the basic pillars of community building and development,” Dalia Ibrahim, Nahdet Masr CEO said.
The conference, held at the American University in Cairo, deals with three education and teaching tracks, which are education and teaching methodologies, educational leadership and curriculum design. Participants will also discuss planning educational lessons for different terms, as well as new innovative ideas for school leadership and the development of educational knowledge based on modern research findings. These topics aim to develop an Egyptian generation who can lead the nation towards a better future.
Nahdet Masr offers a wide range of educational solutions, including the creation and development of educational curricula, interactive curricula, offering professional development for educators, in addition to vocational education. Nahdet Masr also offers a wide range of international education solutions and products, including the Cambridge University Press products, Cambridge Assessment programs and ProtectEd curriculum for child safety. It also offers a wide range of e-learning solutions, and digital content development. It is also known for its Al Adwaa series, Al Adwaa educational website and the new Al Adwaa application. With such a wide variety of educational solutions, Nahdet Misr is considered one of the main pillars of education and cultural development in the region.
This year, Nahdet Masr has adopted a series of vital topics to be presented at the conference through three lectures in the education field. The first lecture, given by Dahlia Fouad, Educational Content Director at Nahdet Misr, deals with “Differentiated Instructions – meeting individual student needs”. The second lecture, given by Amir Al-Sawy, the group’s Digital Operation Manager at Nahdet Misr is titled “a map of the learner’s journey in educational technology.” The third lecture, given by Dr. Gihan Sorour, Learning and Development Manager at Nahdet Misr is titled, “Bully Proof your school: Effective anti-bullying intervention strategies”.

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