How to Protect our Children from Bullying
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Bullying and harassment are considered critical issues that have long-term harmful effects on children at schools. Children who experience bullying and harassment become victims with risk of developing depression, suicidal behavior, fear and anxiety and several other physical and emotional health problems. Knowing how to deal with, and prevent, bullying and harassment is essential for educators, students, teachers and parents.
In this sense, Nahdet Misr has organized “How to Bully Proof Your School” event in cooperation with Protect EdTM, the international educational publisher that publishes high quality safety education curriculum for millions of children around the world.
The event featured talks by Dr. Aisha Rafei, a renowned writer and designer of “Personal Growth Programs”, Howaida Sharabash, Counseling Advisor at Al Hayah International Academy, and Darine El Masry, President of Kidproof – Protect EdTM (MENA region) a recognized expert in child and family safety.
During the event, Dalia Fouad, Educational Content Director at Nahdet Misr Publishing House, highlighted that the company’s main mission is never restricted to the publishing of educational and children’s books only but its main objective is to diffuse knowledge in the Arab world in different forms and solutions. She added saying “Nahdet Misr is keen to constantly provide valuable content and means to children’s mental and emotional development, and at the same time instill different values, principles and positive attitude in them.”
This goal has encouraged Nahdet Misr to publish Dr. Aisha Rafei’s series of stories, which are thoughtfully written to serve as means of communication between parents and children, helping children to express their different feelings, and at the same time fostering positive values in them.
Recognizing that knowledge is the key to development, and taking into consideration the effect of the internet, social media and mobiles on the safety of our children, Nahdet Misr was keen to introduce the latest and most successful international educational content for child safety in Egypt – Protect EdTM.
Since it takes the whole community to keep children safe, Protect EdTM educational program adopts a comprehensive approach to present proactive and preventative safety education including all stakeholders namely: Parents, Educators and the Children themselves.
Protect EdTM addresses the different challenging and hazardous issues that children face such as bullying, personal safety, internet safety, conflict resolution, physical safety, emotional safety, ethics and citizenship and much more.
Protect EdTM innovative educational curriculum provides children:
The critical thinking skills and knowledge to recognize danger
The strength and self-esteem necessary to protect their personal and emotional safety
The confidence and compassion to be better citizens of the future

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