“Hadath Bel-Feal – Happened Actually”: A Book for a Cause
On April 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Nahdet Misr recently celebrated the launch of its newest book: “Hadath bel-Feal – Happened Actually” for the renowned media producer Hesham Soliman.

Hadath bel-Feal is Soliman’s first sarcastic book, which includes a collection of the funniest events that Hesham Soliman came across along his film production career, and personal life with family and friends.

Both Nahdet Misr and Hesham Soliman have a strong commitment towards the Egyptian society; hence out of their belief in their social role, both announced that the revenues of the book will be donated to support Ahl Misr Organization and help in the development of Ahl Misr Burn Hospital.

Ahl Misr organization focuses in dealing with burn cause (injuries) in Egypt, where it aims at easing the pain and suffering of the Burn Victims and their families through: treatment, awareness & prevention, reintegration and research.

Commenting on the launch of his first book; Hesham Soliman said “The decision of donating the revenues of the book to the Ahl Misr burn hospital comes as an acknowledgment to the burn problems in Egypt and my belief of the goals of ‘Ahl Misr Organization’ and their quest to help burn victims in Egypt.”

Dalia Ibrahim, CEO of Nahdet Misr Publishing House, said: “At Nahdet Misr we believe that our responsibility towards the community is not only through spreading knowledge through our different books and publications, but also through helping in spreading awareness and medication for one of the most prominent hazards in our society such as burn accidents”.

Commenting on their support to Ahl Misr, Heba El-Sewidy, Founder and Chairman of Ahl Misr thanked Nahdet Misr and Hesham Soliman saying “The burn injuries is one of the most overlooked and underestimated problems in Egypt, and Ahl Misr organization seeks to spread awareness about this issue, which comes in the third place of death causes in the country.” She added saying that “The support of the companies and institutions is one of the most vital things that helps us to build the first and most advanced burn hospital in Egypt and the Middle East, and our cooperation with Nahdet Misr and Hesham Soliman is definitely a step forward in achieving the organization’s goals”.

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