EdVentures Starts its First Cycle and Signs up with Five Startups Specializing in Education & EdTech
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EdVentures – Egypt’s first corporate venture capital specializing in education technology- starts its first cycle and signs up with five startups.
EdVentures was launched by Nahdet Misr Publishing Group, in October 2017, in partnership with the ASRT’s Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (Intilac) project and the USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project.
Being the first of its kind in the MENA region, EdVentures incubates, accelerates and further invests in startups specializing in education and learning.
Over the past couple of months, EdVentures has received numerous applications from startups to join its programs. After a strict process of screening and filtration conducted by a group of experts in education, entrepreneurship and investment, EdVentures signed up with five Egyptian startups specializing in education and EdTech namely; “OTO”, “Yohka Anna”, “Greenish”, “Entreprenelle”, and “Books Bike”.
“OTO” is an interactive tutoring website that offers one-to-one education. It currently offers programs in English and German languages, and in Graphic Designing. The programs are provided online through a fully-functional platform that makes digital learning easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable than traditional learning. The portal features more than 50 qualified instructors in addition to modern curricula. “OTO” provides its professional learning experience to students in different countries across the globe.
“Yohka Anna” creates a unique reading journey for children by providing storytelling workshops, books, and managing book clubs to offer children an engaging reading experience.
“Greenish” offers education in an innovative and collective way through the use of performative and visual arts. The startup focuses on environment conservation through developing educational curricula tailored for children and youth. They deliver their messages through innovative workshops that vary from; storytelling workshops, recycling arts, home planting, mandalas, and stones art, drama and theatre workshops.
“Entreprenelle” is a mission driven enterprise that strives to bridge the gender and economic gap and empower women with the needed skills by educating, training and linking them to all the resources possible. Born in the heart of Cairo in 2015, impacting more than 10,000 women in 5 different governorates with more than 80 entrepreneurship workshops, and 10 big entertaining educational events. “Entreprenelle” works on 4 main pillars; Awareness, Education, Resources Accessibility and Economic Empowerment
“Books Bike” is a portable bookstore that makes books more accessible and available; hence facilitating the buying process and encouraging more people to read.
EdVentures will offer all the necessary services to support these young entrepreneurs starting from analyzing their customers’ needs and market landscape, planning execution and delivering solutions to their target customers with a strategy in place for monitoring and evaluation. This would be followed by further investment to ignite growth and expansion.
By doing so, EdVentures would be offering entrepreneurs a second-to-none environment to grow and at the same time strengthen a significant driver for Egypt’s sustainable development.
The success of EdVentures is supported by several key elements that can be summed up as follows:
Nahdet Misr experience in the field of education, which extends to 80 years. In addition to the presence of 5 different companies in Nahdet Misr, all working in the field of education and publishing and digital solutions which will provide those startups with the support and assistance like technical support or job opportunities.
Technical and financial support for start-ups at the highest level and continuity, ensuring their success and stability in the markets.
A group of leading advisors and trainers specializing in many fields, foremost of which is the field of education technology, entrepreneurship as well as a large number of investors and entrepreneurs who will provide ultimate experience and support to startups.
Customized programs according to the needs and level of maturity of each startup.
Opportunities for startups to enter the local and international markets as a result of the many partnerships that Nahdet Misr have with major companies and institutions around the world.
EdVentures’ first cycle will last for six months afterwards the company will begin its second cycle where it aims at enrolling at least ten startups in its diversified programs.

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