Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Nahdet Misr Publishing Group signs “Cooperation Protocols” with the Ministries of Education and Immigration for human development
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Showcasing its milestone since 1938, Nahdet Misr Publishing Group celebrated its 80th anniversary in Egypt, a recognition of its efforts in enriching the Arab culture and education development in Egypt and the Arab region, in collaboration with the most renowned authors, writers, and major international corporates.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education, Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, Dr. Hala El Saeed, Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform, Shawki Allam, Grand Mufti of Egypt, and Abdallah Jodah Berri the Somali Minister of Education, in addition to Zahi Hawas and several public figures, authors, cultural leaders, businessmen, economists, and a number of media representatives. Also, numerous Nahdet Misr partners were among the attendance such as Scholastic, Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University Press, ProtectEd, and Discovery Education.

The celebration included a panel discussion comprising the attending ministers regarding “the development of the Egyptian citizen”, where all the attendees asserted the importance of integrating the efforts of the government and people together for creating generations with proper logical and scientific basis for the benefit of the country.

Dr. Khaled Habib commenced the celebration, followed by a welcoming note from Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of Nahdet Misr Publishing Group. Then, Dalia Ibrahim, CEO of Nahdet Misr Publishing House, delivered a speech highlighting the noble mission that sparked the establishing of Nahdet Misr; preserving the right of every person’s access to knowledge, as education and knowledge are the foundations to Egypt’s development.

“Over the years, we have managed to redefine the concept of family businesses in the publishing and education field worldwide. We have also maintained a solid expansion in our operations, transforming into a full-fledged group of 6 companies spreading culture and knowledge with our diverse quality content and products. We have taken great responsibility in delivering our content along the past years, as we believe that a word can affect the fate of nations,” said Dalia Ibrahim, CEO of Nahdet Misr Publishing House.

Dalia Ibrahim also announced in her speech signing new cooperation protocols with the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Immigration. The first protocol targets training First Primary stage teachers in one of Egypt’s governorates on how to instill proper values and positive principles in the students. The second aims to enrich and strengthen the Egyptian identity of the Egyptian Expats’ children through providing appropriate content of the Egyptian and Arab culture; as part of the “Etkalem Masry” initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM).

She also emphasized that one of the main reasons of Nahdet Misr success is its flexibility to cope with its environment, which maintained its sustainability against the volatility in the past 8 decades, by providing all people with knowledge, thus fulfilling the requirements of all society members appropriately.


“Scholastic is deeply proud of its partnership with Nahdet Misr that extends over 22 years, and we feel honored of being a part of its success and a partner to its cause of spreading and advancement of culture and knowledge in Egypt and the Arab region. We are fully confident that Nahdet Misr can and will continue its successes and achievements of 80 years past in Egypt, sustaining rich legacy and heritage that uplifts the Arab culture wholly,” said Carol Sakoian, Ex -Vice President of International at Scholastic, expressing her content with the event.

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