Affaf Tobbala wins the “Khalifa Award for Education” for her novel “Decoding” or “Fak Shafra” published by Nahdet Misr Publishing House
On April 9, 2018 | 0 Comments

Dr. Affaf Tobbala has been awarded the “Khalifa Award for Education” for her newest novel; “Decoding” or “Fak Shafra” published by Nahdet Misr Publishing House. The Khalifa Award is one of the most renowned awards in the Arab region that was created to enrich the development of the educational field and provide an effective interaction between local, Arab and international contributors to this field. The Award aims to release the potential capabilities of educators by creating an environment conducive to enabling educators to excel in an honest competition that releases their innovative capabilities and recognizes their outstanding educational skills.

“Decoding” or “Fak Shafra” is a thrilling social novel featuring the story of Ms. Tomader who unexpectedly hosts three sons of a friend of hers, while her friend travels abroad to attend a conference. Tomador was not ready at all for the sudden arrival of the children, and so wasn’t Amina, a child who was living with Tomader for the past years. Miraculously within just a week spent with Fadi, Shehab and Tomi everyone opened up and their mysteries were decoded, including Ms. Tomader herself.

Dr. Affaf Tobbala is a TV producer and director and is one of the iconic authors of children’s books in our Arab world. Dr. Tobbala has won several international and local awards amongst which are; the Etisalat’s UAE award for Oud Al-Sanabel (2013), the Sheikh Zayed Award in Children’s literature for her book “The House and the Palm Tree” (2011), the Anna Lindh Foundation award for “The Eye” (2010), and Bologna Ragazzi award for the ‘Silver Fish” (2006).

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