Trading and Distribution


Nahdet Misr Trading and Distribution was founded in 2009 as an integrated part of the Group offerings to education and learning. The company supplies, distributes, imports and exports all the stationery, equipment and tools needed for educational facilities used by students and teachers.

The products provided by Nahdet Misr Trading and Distribution are mainly related to paper industry, including writing pads, notebooks and copybooks, offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the best quality ever. The company possesses vast production and distribution potentials with large-scale, integrated facilities, powerful fleet capabilities and strong networks across the region.

It has exclusive agreements with world-renowned companies to produce and distribute licensed stationery and equipment carrying their global trademarks. The company is the region’s agent for Disney World stationery and learning products.

The company works on ensuring that these educational products match the international standards, making no compromises in raw material or levels of quality. It also ensures that all products are made available at affordable prices, giving all segments of the society an equal chance to acquire these products and achieve their learning goals.