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Develop into a leading organization with knowledge diffusion and innovative ideas that pave the way for the progress of the Arab nation at large


Enrich Arab families with distinguished cultural, scientific, educational and entertaining content of exceptional value that is accessible by all segments of society.


Pursuing new creative ideas
A learning organization
Investment in Human Capital
Build a positive team and family spirit
Acting with honesty and honor
A passion for customer satisfaction

Nahdet Misr Group

Founded in 1938 with a vision to empower the Arab reader and learner, the group has grown to become an icon of knowledge to all segments of the Arab world.

What started as a modest publishing house has now become an essential provider of cultural development. The Group has greatly developed over the years; establishing six different companies that now function as one harmonious entity, striving to achieve its noble vision.

Nahdet Misr Publishing Group offers an assortment of integrated quality solutions in publishing, education and digital content/solutions. Such solutions that were first offered in print, later adapted into digital formats of educational, edutainment and entertainment material.

Strategic Objectives

Nahdet Misr Group was able to best employ its resources to achieve its objectives in the best ways possible. Such strategic objectives include:

  • Publishing material rich in cultural value for all readers of all ages and all social levels.
  • Strengthening the bond between generations by publishing books of renowned authors and young ones.
  • Developing cultural interaction by increasing the size of Arabic translation.
  • Encouraging children to read by providing them with appealing content at affordable prices.


Nahdet Misr Companies

Publishing House
Digital Solutions
Trading and Distribution

Message from the Chairman


«Culture for All» was the primary ethos upon which Ahmed Ibrahim established Nahdet Misr for Publishing, Printing and Distribution in 1938. Over the years, Nahdet Misr has published thousands of books and publications keeping affront the mission of providing means of knowledge and cultural development in Egypt and the Arab World. Accordingly, the choice of books to be published has been based on raising the general awareness and developing the creative and intellectual abilities of the Arab readers. We publish literary and non-literary books for renowned and promising potential authors in prices that are affordable to everyone. We take pride in being the leader in children’s publications through cooperating with some of the iconic children writers in Egypt and the Arab World. Moreover, the company is considered one of the flagships in the educational publishing sector. On top of its educational publications is Al-Adwaa series, which has earned several prizes and has successfully maintained its leading role in this field. In order to accomplish our vision of providing culture and knowledge to the entire society, we have been significantly investing in the development and production of valuable content, and have constantly adopted the most advanced digital technologies in printing and publishing. With a solid focus on the Arab World, the company has developed an extensive distribution network exceeding 12,000 distribution points stretched across the globe.