adwaa-logoNahdet Misr Group produces educational solutions for the development of existing curricula. Among the most notable is“Al Adwaa”educational series(Books, CDs and Website).

Al Adwaa series covers from KG till G12 courses for all subjects, including Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Education, English and French. The series includes more than 150 titles and is certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The series has proven to be an indispensable source of learning material for students, teachers and parents for the past five decades.


In today’s world, technological advancements take place every day resulting in the fast-pace evolution of different sectors and industries. With such progressions, education capabilities are steadily growing and changing. Nahdet Misr has long realized this and has achieved different milestones in the digitization of the educational content.

Keen to provide second-to-none education experience, the company launched an exclusive interactive educational application:“Ketapedia”.

Ketapedia is an educational solution with interactive content that increases students’ engagement, extends learning outside school walls and personalizes their learning experience. It is designed to develop the critical and scientific thinking of students. Ketapedia is an offline application used on tablets, iPad and computers. It features the Egyptian Ministry of Education curricula (G1 – G9)


              • Saves students’ time

    • Supports constructive pedagogy
    • Improves learning skills
    • Stimulates the usage of different studying tools

One of the most important features that makes Ketapedia unique is the use of“Learning Objects – (LOs)”such as pictures, videos, animations, animated charts, text, sounds, and graphic organizers. LOs are the mean to make hard ideas easier to understand, especially when the course is designed to be a self-learning tool. In Ketapedia, the LOs are eloquently utilized not only to adapt to differentiated learning, but also to provide support to students who may have difficulty in understanding text-rich material, and to add another level of authenticity and practicality to the content.

Moreover, Ketapedia incorporates assessment tools through different types of interactive and open-ended questions. These questions and tests allow students to assess their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Ketapedia is available in two versions: a student version and a teacher version.

cambridgeNahdet Misr is the exclusive distributer of Cambridge University Press in Egypt – an international flagship that provides learning and research solutions worldwide. The company’s offering is rich in educational materials for both students and teachers. Its wide range of products covers a variety of diverse educational subjects ranging from professional books to textbooks, monographs, reference works, English language teaching publications, software and electronic publishing. Nahdet Misr provides these valuable educational solutions to schools and universities in Egypt as well as training centers. Nahdet Misr services also include professional development courses to teachers on the best utilization of Cambridge educational solutions to ensure the best deployment of such valuable teaching content.

scholastic-1Helping children learn to love reading at an early age, Nahdet Misr offers some of the world’s exciting reader books produced by Scholastic, the largest children’s book publisher in the world. Scholastic’s famous series of books include Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Clifford collection, Captain Underpants collections, Goosebumps, I Spy and many other best sellers. The Group also offers Scholastic educational books and materials for teachers and parents, in addition to the latest educational software.

HMHAnother leading international publisher that Nahdet Misr cooperates with is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), which specializes in pre-K–12 education content and services. HMH creates engaging, dynamic and effective educational content from early childhood to K-12. Available through multiple media, HMH content meets the needs of students, teachers, parents and lifelong learners.

HMH renowned and awarded children’s books, novels, nonfiction, and reference titles are enjoyed by readers throughout the world. Its distinguished author list ranges from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Philip Roth, and brands from Curious George to The Lord of the Rings. HMH wide range of products and solutions are always innovative and effective.

ruyaNahdet Misr is the exclusive distributor of Ruyah Character Education program, which has been developed by a group of educational experts managed by Ms. Nusaiba Abdelaziz Al Motawa.
Ruyah Character Education Program offers life skills and character building, where it posits the divine teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah, then transforms them into instruct-able manners and skills that can be learned and practiced by the students. These manners are appropriate to the stage age and are derived from the student’s practical experience.

horoufyAs a leading educational entity with a mission to encourage Arab children to love and value the Arabic Language, Nahdet Misr developed Hekayet Horoufy; an innovative series produced to teach children the Arabic language in an interesting and engaging manner. Tailored for preschools, this creative content helps children develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing Arabic skills. Hekayet Horoufy is a two-level program that includes a Student Book, Work Book and Interactive CD for the students; and Teacher Resources CD that includes a Teacher Guide, Flash Cards, Test Bank and Extra Resources for the advanced and delayed students at each level.

horoufywithzeinaNahdet Misr also provides another innovative Arabic curriculum that helps children at preschool to enhance their language skills.“Houroufy with Zeina”offers creative stories that feature Zeina – a giraffe – that experiences a lot of adventures. These stories trigger the minds of young children and help them with their Arabic language skills. “Horoufy with Zeina”is a two-level program that includes a Student Book and a Workbook at each level.